Petteri Orpo’s message to EPP Congress delegates


Dear Friend,

I am seeking your support to become Vice President of the European People’s Party.

As a party leader with ministerial experience from the Ministries of Finance, Interior and Agriculture, as well as experience of leading several national election campaigns, I am certain I can provide valuable insight to the work of the Presidency.

EU needs to be better prepared to face the challenges of the future

The EU should be the birthplace of new leading technologies and innovative solutions. We need investments in research and education. If we do it right, efforts to reduce carbon emissions will lead to more jobs and improve EU’s competitiveness. European agriculture and the development of rural areas is part of the solution to climate change, not the problem.

Well-educated and skillful people are the key to welfare and prosperity in the EU, as well as the success of cities and regions. We must work with the 24 million European small and medium-sized enterprises to ensure that unnecessary regulatory burden does not stop them from succeeding. When determining the content and the level of the next MFF, we need to find the right balance between the old and new priorities.

Europeans need to feel safe at home

For the EU to be a safe home, we need to strengthen our security and defense cooperation, tackle hybrid threats, terrorism and organized crime together. We cannot allow criminals to abuse our cherished freedom of movement and digital single market. I was Minister of the Interior during the migration crisis in 2015.

The EU’s inability to deal with the influx of migrants caused political upheaval which challenged our unity. We cannot be caught off guard like that ever again. Despite strengthening Frontex, we still do not have a functioning common European Asylum System.

We need to address this before we are faced with a new crisis. Hard external borders are a precondition for the freedom of movement in the EU.

EU is the best tool to ensure peace and prosperity in Europe

25 years ago, I campaigned for Finland’s membership in the EU. 25 years ago, I stood in the streets of Turku, campaigning for a “YES” in our EU referendum. Hosting the EPP Congress last year in Helsinki was therefore a great honour for me and it demonstrated our party’s dedication to the EPP. EPP has always stood up for fundamental European values, such as freedom and democracy.

We have consistently worked for a strong and united European Union. As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, the promotion of our common values and a strong Union become more important than ever.

In the EPP, we know how to work as a team towards the same goals. We must get better at highlighting what unites us instead of what separates us. This motivates me to run for Vice President of the EPP.

I hope I can get your support and I look forward to seeing you in Zagreb!

Petteri Orpo

Petteri’s CV in short:

Member of the Parliament of Finland

President of Kansallinen Kokoomus

Former Deputy Prime Minister

Former Minister of Finance, Interior and Agriculture

Former Co-Chair of EPP Ecofin Ministerial Meetings